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Current TAC Members

There are two representatives from each school. The term of office is two years.

ChairmanDr.  Phil Duggleby (Anaesthetics)

Deputy Chairman:


School Representatives Contact details (coming soon)
Academics Sophie Binks
Anaesthetics Claire Ansley-Watson, Phil Duggleby


Tim McSiney
Emergency Medicine

Sayravm Bhadwaj

James Dearman (Deputy)
ENT Ali Qureishi
Foundation Kirstie Taylor, Gurpreet Bhamra, Rosie Larsen, Rhian Morgan  
General Practice Kat Young, Lucy Johnson
Intensive Care Prad Shanmuga  


Manpret Dhillon, Sean Noronha, Sarah Fellows, Gareth Hynes
O&G Sanyal Patel
Ophthalmology Zuzana Sipkova, Lee Tan  
Paediatrics Ria Evans, Shiraz Badurdeen  
Pathology Sabina Kaur  


Jane, Mellor, Katie Morris, Thomas Williams  
Psychiatry Lily Abedipour,  Joe Clacey
Public Health

Emily Phipps, Aparnareddy Mummadi
Radiology Jean Lee
Surgery Neal Rupani, Katie Hurst, Jenny Isherwood



Phil Duggleby - TAC Chairman


 - TAC Deputy Chairman



 - TAC Secretary




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