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Trainee Advisory Committee - Resources

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Trainees in the Thames Valley LETB should never feel far away from advice and support. Doctors are able to access services through their training programme as well as their trust that employs them. Below are some useful resources for doctors that cover frequent or serious issues.

The BMA website also offers excellent advise on a range of topics.

In addition, every specialty school as well as the foundation programme, core medical, core surgical and GP programmes have representatives within the Trainee Advisory Committee.

If your issues is not covered below or you want to escalate it, please get in touch with your trainee representative.
Contact details of trainee reps is available here



Professional Indemnity


Pay and Pensions


Doctors’ health and trainees in difficulty


Undermining and Bullying


Maternity leave, Maternity entitlements and Returning to work


Less than full time training


Careers Advice and Development


Reflective Practice Toolkit

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges & COPMeD have released an updated Reflective Practice Toolkit which is available on either website on the links below:





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