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Development for Senior Educators or those interested in such roles

The Doctors as Educators Programme

The Royal College of Physicians in London offer The 'Doctors as Educators' programme consists of one-day and two-day interactive 'teach the teacher' workshops. Delegates take part in group discussions and problem-based activities, whilst having the opportunity to practise key educational skills.

The 'Doctors as Educators' programme is suitable for doctors of all grades and all specialties. The workshops within the RCP 'Doctors as Educators' programme are:


Details are available on the RCP London website

Developing Learning and Teaching for Medical Educators

The Oxford Learning Institute has a new programme accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators, Developing Learning and Teaching for Medical Educators.

The programme aims to support medical educators in developing as teachers and clinical and educational supervisors and enable them to gain formal certification in teaching. It comprises one day workshop, and an optional follow up session for those wishing to pursue formal qualifications from the AoME after completion of the following:

  • Peer observation and feedback
  • Collect, analyse and put into use “speedy feedback” from students
  • Read selected articles from the recommended readings below and further readings in the Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) handbook
  • Write a DLT portfolio toward gaining a formal qualification in teaching in higher education.  Bring an outline for feedback to the follow-up.


Contact Kathleen Quinlan at for further information

Blended Programmes in Medical Education

The International Association for Medical Education (AMEE)  offer a number of web-based blended programmes in medical education throughout the year and some face to face workshops at the annual AMEE meeting.
Details on the full range can be accessed at the AMEE website


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