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GMC National Trainer Survey 2016

The first National GMC Trainer Survey will commence on 22 March and will close on 04 May 2016.  This is the first complete roll out of the Survey following a successful pilot that took place in the autumn of 2014.  The GMC are running this survey alongside the work that has been undertaken in the 4 year Recognising and Approving Trainers Implementation Plan, which began in 2012 and to give you the opportunity to tell the GMC about your experience of being a supervisor of trainee doctors.  It is also run alongside the well established Trainee survey.

The GMC will take the results from this Trainer survey to:

  • Understand how well trainers feel they are supported in their role
  • Identify any barriers which might impact upon the quality of training they are able to offer
  • Understand how well the implementation plan for recognising and approving trainers is being delivered

This is the first opportunity trainers have had to make their voices heard.

It is open to all named postgraduate educational and clinical supervisors. If you are a trainer and wish to check if you are included, and for more information about the survey, please visit

Any queries about the survey can be directed to the Thames Valley local office by emailing Any technical difficulties in logging in to complete the survey should be sent directly to the GMC.

You can also visit the GMC Website Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the survey.

Page updated March 2016.

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